Food Ingredients

With its wide range of product categories, Target Chemicals has harnessed the ability to provide a well-rounded solution to the food industry. High quality products coupled with a team of expertise that champion constant improvement, TC is able to offer product reformulations, matching, product development, product innovation, and extend extensive know-how.
Enzymes, emulsifiers, proteins, modified starches, flavors, raising agents, preservatives, stabilizers and preservatives.
Flavors, sweeteners (natural & artificial), stabilizers, gelatin, starches, coloring agents, emulsifiers and preservatives.
Our offerings include dairy cultures, cheese enzymes, natural colors, stabilizers, Acidulants, flavors, etc.
Our offerings include proteins, starches, injection additives, fermentation cultures, natural colors, spices and compound mixes.
Thickeners, colors, preservatives, vitamin mixes, fibers, flavors, compounds & emulsions.
Emulsifiers, starches, flavors, spices, coloring agents, fats, proteins and preservatives.
Native & modified starches, flavors, spices, bulk sweeteners and fats.

Household & Toiletries

 Matching pioneer multinational suppliers, with large and innovation driven clients in the region Target Chemicals stood at the junction between this knowledge transfer to make allow this division to become a solution driven one. At TC, formulation development, new concept product development, cost re-engineering, performance testing, and benchmarking are among the few services it is able to provide with full confidence. It has under its belt the success story of many clients in the region where it worked on developing superior product formulation in a way that optimized both their manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Dishwashing Cleaners
House Hold Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaners
Providing the components of such cleaners such as fragrances, surfactants, cleaning agents and antimicrobial agents.
Laundry Detergents
Institution Cleaners

Industrial Adhesives

An ongoing 29 year exclusive partnership with Henkel in the region has allowed both TC and Henkel to create a division that goes beyond the realm of product distribution to offer varied adhesive solutions for an array of industry segments. These solutions incorporate lean manufacturing techniques, waste management, and manufacturing line optimization.
Specialty adhesives for the manufacturing of baby diapers and female incontinence products. This includes adhesives for applications such as construction, elastic & positioning adhesives.
Paper Converting
Water based and rubber based adhesives for processing and production for paper based corrugated cartons
End of Line
Hot melt and water based adhesives for various applications of packing closure, labeling and construction.
Graphic and Arts
Specialty adhesives for book making, magazine production, file making and artisanal crafted cases and leather products
Construction Adhesives

Special Hotmelt, water based and urethane based adhesives for the manufacturing of all types of wood working based products

Tissue & Towel
water based adhesives for the production of facial & kitchen towels, toilet paper and a line of lotions and softeners for enhancing the sensory and marketing appeal of tissue based products
One of the best in class water based adhesives of the processing and production of all tobacco related products

Paint & Building Chemicals

Having harnessed extensive knowledge by being the division that jump-started the company in the 90’s, Target Chemicals is able to deliver vast expertise allowing it establish itself as a pioneer in the field. Among those are the provision of bulk ingredients and commodities, specialty additives for formulation development, core strength formulation development, cost re-engineering, testing, validation, accreditation, and finally knowledge transfer.

Cellulose Ether, Pigments, Biocide, Additives, Testing Instruments.
Water Base Emulsion, Epoxy Resin, Water Repellent, styrene Acrylic Copolymers.

Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary

With strategy focused on innovation and specialty raw materials, the Pharma & Vet division has focused on offering specialized active and excipient products, accreditation and certification, all in conjunction with meeting the pharmacopeia standards.

Widely used in vaccine manufacturing for both pharma and veterinary purposes. They are mainly used to enhance and strengthen the immune response alongside antigens.
Used for several functions; aiding in manufacturing processes, increasing stability, boosting safety and enhancing functionality of drugs.


Used to achieve homogenous and stable emulsions to get required characteristics for optimum results.
Solvents & Solubilizers
Used to improve drug solubility.

Personal Care & Cosmetics

Facial Care

Body Care

Hair Care

Color Cosmetics

AGRO Chemicals & Fertilizers

A relatively new division, TC has been working relentlessly on providing a unique offering that pins down on new product development, extending manufacturing & formulation know-how through its long term partnership with renowned players in the field, as well as assisting in registration procedures. 

Stabilizers & Suspending Agents
Used to decrease the conversion rate of soil’s necessary compounds thus prolonging their availability.
Prevent clumping of immiscible molecules and achieve required results.
Anti-caking agents
Inhibits clumping during fertilizer production hence easing its storage, transport, and application.
Dispersing Agents
Provide good formulation stability by preventing re-agglomeration of dispersed components.
Increase spraying efficiency of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides while reducing the amount needed.
Used to help optimize the efficacy of agricultural chemicals.

Industrial Chemicals

A varied segment where we provide general specialties for multiple industry applications such tobacco, plasticizers, solvents, paints, as well as bulk chemical additives.
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